Technology Solutions

Security is about protecting yourself, assets, family, and future.  All of which are becoming increasing more difficult to protect with traditional services.  With so many threats security breaches are inevitable and technology solutions are sometimes the most powerful tools and resource in deactivating them before loss can occur.

Defender embraces technology to battle the ongoing threats that challenge the security of everyday life.

Defender First Responder Drones and Monitoring Services. Drones are the ultimate tool in patrol automation and first response dispatch.   Drones can be stationed on-site and set to respond within seconds to monitored alarms or programmed to GPS patrol routes while providing real-time high definition video and audio

Remote camera monitoring is a powerful tool in activity awareness and crime prevention.  Defender utilizes the latest camera and site monitoring technology staffed 24/7.

Site Access Tools such as keypad, fingerprint, and secure card access prevent unauthorized access to your facility and monitor controlled access 24/7.

CCTV is among the most effective crime prevention tools available for business and residential.  Setting include motion activity, time record to 24/7 live record, and live monitored services.

Asset GPS tracking & Monitoring.  Live track and record all movement of your valuable assets;  vehicles, team/family members, valuables, equipment, and much more.