March 2015 Defender Officer Graduates

We would like to welcome our newest Defender security graduates and now San Diego Defender Security Officers.  This past year we have been proud to double our San Diego Defender Officer Force and added two new patrol vehicles to our fleet.

Defender graduates have completed the following training to include;

  • Duties and Responsibilities of a Defender Security Professional
  • Conduct and Public Relations
  • Criminal Law and the Legal System
  • Access Control and Alarm Systems
  • First Responder Tactics and Techniques
  • Patrol Tactics and Techniques
  • Weapon Training, Tactics and Use of Force
  • Power to Arrest and Detain
  • First Aid and Aid Assist

We employ the highest standard in professionalism and readyness to serve in all our team members.  A Defender graduate is a Security Professional.

Click here to learn more about becoming a Defender Security Officer

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