Deadly Force or Flee

This broadening news headline is a controversial and heavily debated topic in many courts around the US today.    Most states allow some acceptable use of deadly force when it comes to defending yourself or family against an identified threat of life.  This unfortunately is where the law begins and ends.  What might be considered a “treat of life” to one might simple be a itchy bee sting to another.  With such a broad interpretation of how a life and death situation would play out based on the variance of culture, personality, physical health, mindset, bias, and many other physical and physiological factors this subject will continue to be a debated topic of importance in our courts.

As law enforcement and security professionals the possibility of the use of deadly force is always looming and simply fleeing is not the best option as it might result in life threatening danger to others or the subject themselves.  But when the subject is not in danger to others or themselves if defusing the use of deadly force is as simple as walking away then this is and should be the resolution.  Police have often taken this measure as policy when it comes to pursing a subject in a vehicle, this is many cases will prevent potential harm to others and the subject themselves.  The uniqueness of each situation is so complex that not one policy is always the optimal solution.  A security officers experience, training, and personal attitude will often reflect the end outcome.

Preventing the escalation of a situation that might result in the use of deadly force is our top priority.   Training is an essential tool in learning how to quickly and effectively access a potentially dangerous situation and negotiate it to a beneficial resolution for all involved.

Want to know what your state’s self defense law supports;     – CNN


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