Caught by a Drone

This headline will be the future of crime headlines.  The Military, police, and even the criminals have been utilizing drones for years.  The evolution is now drones are becoming practical for public use.  A drone from just a few years ago cost about $10,000 to $20,000 depending on battery life with translates to range, video equipment, and monitoring/control capability.  Those same drones today range from about $500 to $3500 for top of the line technology with greater battery life than their bulky predecessors.

Drones come in all shapes and sizes from nano beetle mimicking designs to 30ft solar air gliders that could potentially fly for weeks at a time while transmitting high quality streaming video.  The most common drones you’ll be seeing are about 3 square feet with a center placed HD camera.  The size of a drone often reflects its capabilities, the  more weight can carry equals better battery and camera equipment.

As Drones evolve into our everyday lives they will flying above us for a large range of applications from marketing, traffic control, personal use, law enforcement, environmental monitoring, small package delivery, sports, and much more.  One of the primary uses for drones will be on-site first responder deployment.   Drones present many benefits when it comes to security;

  • A drone can be dispatched remotely thousands of miles away from it’s operator
  • Drones can be programmed to operate autonomously upon pre-established triggers
  • Drones run almost silent at 100ft above ground
  • Drones carry High Definition cameras with steady and amazing zoom capabilities day or night
  • Drones fly a direct line to site locations, they don’t follow streets.
  • Drones have GPS controls reporting back perfect location information
  • Drones are a non-aggressive solution in security and crime prevention

Drones for private use might be someday as common as the family pet but for now we’re excited to leverage drones to assist in our mission to provide the highest level of security services.  To find our more about our Drone security products and services Call (800) 928-6679.


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